Sports supportive event in the Mountain of Calzada – Peru


Enjoy an unforgettable experience… – Easter 2020, April 3-13

Our trip packs include,


  • Return trip to Moyobamba-Peru. 
  • Full-board accommodation in a Moyobamba hotel.
  • A nature park tour in this area.
  • Trip period:

International Pack – April 3/4 to 12/13, 2020.

Domestic Pack – April 8 to 12, 2020.

  • Pack Prices:

Departure from Barcelona, Zurich or Madrid:  1,250 euros.

Departure from Lima:  720 Peruvian soles.

Observation – 15% price increase in first-class hotel.

Trip Description…

International Pack

Day 1 – (Friday 3rd /Saturday 4th): Exit from Barcelona, Zurich or Madrid, to Lima and Tarapoto

Day 2 – (Sunday 5th): Moyobamba – Welcome to the group

Day 3 – (Monday 6th – Wednesday 8th):

Option 1: Volunteer work at Tangarana

Option 2: Trip to Kuelap (extra cost to be paid at the travel agency)

Domestic and International Pack

Day 6 – (Thursday 9th): Tour (to be individually chosen)

Option 1: Tingana – An incredible natural environment, where you can enjoy the Amazonian jungle, canoe in different rivers and see a large variety of wild life.

Option 2: Palestinian Caves – A singular cavity inside a mountain isn’t a very common natural phenomenon and an opportunity to see a unique place.

Day 7 – (Friday 10th): Runner’s Trade Fair.

Day 8 – (Saturday 11th): Morro Xtrem Mountain Supportive Race.

Day 9 – (Sunday 12th): 11:00 a.m. Farewell meeting with participants and collaborators. Return to Lima in the afternoon. The International Pack group depart to Madrid in the evening. End of Domestic Pack.


Day 10 – (Monday 13th): End of International Pack.

Day Description

Friday 3rd / Saturday 4th – From Barcelona, Zurich or Madrid to Lima. Stop in Lima, and an additional 1 h flight to Tarapoto. Then, 2.5 h minibus trip from Tarapoto to Moyobamba.

Sunday 5th – 11:00 a.m. Visit to some girls in a boarding school. Free afternoon.

Monday 6th – Wednesday 8th:

Option 1: Volunteer work at Tangarana (tasks TBD in accordance to each participant’s profile).

Option 2: Tour to Kuelap (extra cost to be paid at the travel agency). Visit to Chachapoyas city and Kuelap ruins.

Wednesday 8th – Domestic Pack arrival. Lima – Tarapoto – Moyobamba. 1 h domestic flight, then 2.5 h minibus trip. Lunch in Moyobamba. In the afternoon, visit to Las Hormigas del Morro TV programme studios.

Thursday 9th – 05:00 a.m. Early start to Tingana Nature Reserve. 1-day visit – including canoe tour. Optional visit to the gorgeous Palestinian Caves. 

Friday 10th – Runner’s Trade Fair, only for Morro Xtrem race participants. Collection of Race Numbers. Many different sports/entertaining activities.

Saturday 11th – The Big Day: Morro Xtrem supportive event. A 4 km race in the afternoon. At 18:30, 10 or 20 km night races – over 400 m slope for the most daring and best trained runners. In the morning, Stands will be set up in Calzada. 12:00 – 19:00 h, delivery of supportive suitcases contents to the most disadvantaged people in this town (by means of 1) a green ticket free system, and 2) supportive sale).  


Sunday 12th – Farewell meeting and departure to Tarapoto for the flight back to Lima and to final destinations.


BOOKING – For a place to be guaranteed in this trip, the payment terms below should be fulfilled, 

Barcelona Pack:

  – Up to January 15, 2020 – 250 € deposit payment. This amount will be deducted from the full price.

  – Up to March 15, 2020 – the remaining 1,000 € payment.

Lima Pack:

– Up to January 15, 2020 – 720 Peruvian soles single payment.


Tour Support, Their Satisfaction…


You will not only discover an innermost place in the Amazonia, but you can also collaborate as a,

·         Runner: By taking part in this race, you can support the most disadvantaged people in this town. Besides this, you can also collaborate to the transportation of donations from Spain, i.e. a suitcase from the organizers or your own supportive suitcase.

·         Partner: You can also collaborate with organizers and thus further develop our project.

Important Observations…


Runners for Amazonia has carefully designed the present trip, and it has always adjusted to the travellers’ needs. Due to Peru specificities, however, slight changes in itineraries might occur – some climate or road conditions could eventually modify some timings.

– Healthcare:

Go and see a specialist physician, or the official healthcare organizations, prior to engaging in this trip. This is a tropical area, so vaccinations are important. Travellers are responsible for their own vaccinations. In accordance with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the WHO, yellow fever vaccine is mandatory. 

– Safety:

In order to be able to quickly cover any eventual incident during this stay, travellers’ contact information would be required.

– Documents:

Travellers are responsible for taking all documents required for this trip, i.e. Passport (6 months validity, at least, is recommended) and International Vaccination Certificate.

– Travel Insurance:

It is compulsory for travellers to contract their own travel insurance.

– Customized advice:

Customized advice will be provided to travellers when they buy this trip: a list of materials, first-aid-kit suggestions and any other recommendations required. Our staff will be delighted to help you solve any kind of doubts that might arise when you prepare your trip.

– Responsibility:

We are persuaded of the fact that this trip is going to be a great experience for you, an intensive learning process, a cultural exchange and a fascinating immersion in the destination culture and society. As a supportive touristic agent, Runners for Amazonia deems its responsibility to promote values such as respect and co-habitation with local communities. These values should be applied throughout this trip. Likewise, we would like to make sure that the present trip does never have a negative impact on this country or its inhabitants. Together, we can contribute to the sustainable development of the communities that will be visited. It is highly important to contribute to the economic enhancement and to the general development of this country. Therefore, our customers should know that we also make a little contribution by engaging local people and services, and by treating them with the due respect and paying them in a fair and dignifying way.

– Cancellation Policy:

In the event of cancellation, no deposit will be refunded. If the customer does not make one of the payments under the aforesaid terms, this contract could be terminated and the rules to cancel that customer’s trip could be applied. The combined trip services can be found in the brochure or programme provided to customers, as well as in the information provided upon the booking confirmation. Nevertheless, organizers hold the right to modify information in the brochure prior to signing down the contact. For any changes in this information to be valid, these should be clearly sent in writing to customers. Both prices and itineraries are subject to availability and service costs when the reservation is confirmed by the customer. So, final prices or some points in the itinerary might be subject to changes until the reservation is confirmed by the customer, and services and their cost will be reconfirmed by us to suppliers.


For any further information, please, contact